Do you know the secret of long and healthy life? Fitness of course!! Apart from your 9 to 5 desk job, fitness is something you must devote time for. Nowadays, people are diverting towards more health-related concerns and a huge portion is devoting their time towards healthy eating. FYI, fitness is not just about what you eat, it is also about how much you move your body and muscles. Fitness is an overall commitment that will make your life more stress-free. And if you too want to switch your life’s direction towards, we here penned down 10 famous fitness bloggers on Instagram whom you must follow right away.


Sameer Kataria is one of the well know fitness freaks. He has got over 40.8k followers on Instagram. He is also an aspiring fitness model. He regularly posts inspiring posts on workout and her bodybuilding techniques. He’s followed by many fitness enthusiasts and is a role model for them. You can follow his Instagram page (@sameerkataria111)

2. Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Alahbadia, also known as beerbiceps to his whopping 1 million fans. He has over 144.2k followers on Instagram and still counting. He’s known to inspire several people who were once suffering from obesity. An Engineer by profession, Ranveer shared his own journey from fat to fit and how he left his job to become a full time fitness blogger. You can follow his Instagram page named(@beerbiceps)

3. Arish Ghaswala

Arish Ghaswala is a Mumbai-based fitness influencer and a gym trainer. He has got over 29k followers over Instagram.  He is also the Brand ambassador of GenX sports nutrition. You can just follow his Instagram page named (@arishghaswala)

4. Vaibhav Singh

Vaibhav Singh is a 23-year-old inspiring Fitness blogger. He is from delhi and belongs to an army family. He has got over 39.5k followers over Instagram. He is also one of the most famous fitness bloggers.  He is a law student from Delhi University. You can follow his Instagram page named(@Vaibhav_63fitness)

5. Vikas Rathi

Fitness Bloggers On Instagram

Vikas Rathi hailing from Haryana is an inspiring model and fitness enthusiast. From winning Mr Delhi and Mr North India 2016, Vikas has made it to major fashion weeks in Mumbai. He has got over 57.4k followers over Instagram. You all follow his Instagram page named(@vikas_rt)

6. Sonali Swami

Sonali Swami a mother of two is no understatement in the world of fitness industry which is often considered biased towards male. She is also an athlete, A certified Zumba as well as Bokwa instructor. She has got over 188.2k followers on Instagram. You can follow her Instagram page (@sonali_swami)

 7. Ayesha Billimora

Fitness Bloggers On Instagram

Ayesha Billimora is a coach too at one track athletic club. She has also been the captain  for Adidas runner Mumbai. She has got over 30.5k followers on Instagram and increasing steadily. She is also indulged in the project FITGIRL. You can follow her Instagram page named (fitgirl.india)

8. Jia Singh

Jia Singh is also one of the famous fitness influencers on Instagram. She is a traveling as well as a wellness consultant. She is a self-care and body, positive writer, too. She just loves to exercise and is a fitness freak. She has got over 24.4k followers ON Instagram. She loves to just wander for wellness. You can follow her Instagram page named (@jiasingh)

9. Navreet Josan

Fitness Bloggers On Instagram

Navreet  Joshan she is a diamond gym pro athlete. She is from Mumbai and has endorsed many big brands such as Adidas. She has got over 72.2k followers over Instagram.  You can follow her Instagram page named (@lilrocket)

10. Ankita Singh

Fitness Bloggers On Instagram

Ankita Singh former Miss Karnataka is a fitness model. She just love to do exercise and be fit. She has got over 175k followers over Instagram. She is also  part of fitness divine nutrition. You can follow her Instagram page named (@ankita_extrem)

Which famous fitness blogger on Instagram is your favourite? Tell us!!